Whether You’re looking for a place to have a quick and tasty snack, enjoy Your meal in a company of Your friends or spend a romantic evening with the one You love, our cozy and elegant restaurant is exactly what You need!
Lunches with business partners get organized in the VIP-zone.
For those looking to enjoy the rays of the spring sun, breathe the cool of the evening holding a glass of fine wine and trying an excellent meal, summer terrace and gazebos are at Your service.
You’ll be surprised with a variety and a great selection of dishes on our new restaurant menu. A taste of any gourmet will be comforted with the exquisite meal choice of European, Ukrainian dishes and grilled dishes.
Thanks to a friendly customer service and high level of professionalism of our staff, Your stay with us will be unforgettably comfortable and will exceed all Your expectations.
Operating hours: : 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM